Monday 30th Jan - Sunday 5th Feb
We would like our guests to enjoy distinctive, high quality Koshu wine from the Yamanashi prefecture of Japan, and will be serving three further types of wine from this grape variety during this week. These wines, delivered exclusively to Yashin Ocean House, are limited edition and more information can be provided by our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

The Finest Sushi with the Finest Sake: Ibi Pairing


Monday 23rd - Sunday 29th Jan
Perhaps our most exquisite offer yet: three pieces of the finest nigiri sushi - with caviar, toro, and hida wagyu - served with a flight of complementing sake for each ingredient. The pairing sake has been sourced exclusively from an extremely small brewery with limited production even in the Japan, and selected to enhance every taste and flavour of the sushi. This is surely going to be one of the most sensation dining experiences to date.

Premier Sake "Zenshichi" by the glass offer


The producer of one of the most premium types of sake on our menu, Zenshichi, usually costing £550, will be visiting from Hiroshima on 21st January, dinner time as our special guest. On this evening Zenshici will be on offer by glass for a very special less-than-half price, and served and explained by the producer himself. We encourage you to enjoy the finest of the sake world with your meal, at our limited exclusive discount.

Sohomare Sake Masterclass at Yashin Ocean House


We're delighted to announce a new date for our continual sell-out sake masterclasses. We've invited Mr Kono, the brewery master of premium sake label Sohomare, to Yashin Ocean House to host an exclusive pairing lunch along with our experts. Yashin specials, such as toro nigiri sushi, will be enjoyed with four different types of Sohomare sake including rare types that have not yet been exported to the UK. Learn all about how sake is made, the difference between various types, and of course how amazingly sake can complement your meal! Masterclass begins at 12.15, price £75 per person incl. service charge.
Payment must be taken in advance, please enquire on for more details.

Sake And Pairing Course Masterclass


We still have a couple of seats available for our sake masterclasses on Tuesday 6th September. With the popularity of sake on the rise all over the world, our mission is to show our customers the potential of sake and how it can be paired with both typical Western cuisine and more traditional Japanese dishes. The first masterclass will begin from 12.30 and take roughly 1.5 hours; each guest will taste a number of different types of sake, as well as champagne and sweet wine, paired with various dishes including sushi, priced at £45 per head plus 12.5% service charge. The evening masterclass will start from 18.30 and will have additional courses, priced at £80 per head plus service charge. Please contact us either on 0207 373 3990 on for more information.