We have special events, special sake and special recommendations for a whole month at Yashin Ocean House to celebrate Japan's national drink. On Tuesday 4th April we are hosting a pairing dinner, with seven delightful courses with complementing sake selected to enhance every bite, along with a special offer of Yashin's exquisite sushi creations with paired sake tasters. Along with this we will be offering unique bottles from Japan's most prized and celebrated breweries - Dewazakura, Sohomare, Masumi and Kazoizumi - week by week. Ask our staff for more information during your visit to add a traditional Japanese touch to your meal.

New Desserts


We have just added new desserts to our menu - try our traditional Japanese sweets such yuzu cheesecake and Taiyaki with ice cream.



Monday 6th - Sunday 12th Feb
We are very excited to be collaborating with World Sake Imports to celebrate the renowned Koshi No Kanbai brewery in the heart of pristine, snowy Niigata. "Koshi no Kanbai", translating as "winter plum flower", is Japan's most famous and sought after sake; the region is unique and special for its large, fragrant plums and the beautiful flowering is much appreciated and celebrated in Japan, as it indicates the end of Winter and beginning of Spring. We'll be serving three different types of sake by glass from this brewery and asking our guests to share their visit on Instagram under #kanbaiweek - the winner, with the most likes, will be gifted a prize from this brewery.

Japanese Wine "Koshu" Week


Monday 30th Jan - Sunday 5th Feb
We would like our guests to enjoy distinctive, high quality Koshu wine from the Yamanashi prefecture of Japan, and will be serving three further types of wine from this grape variety during this week. These wines, delivered exclusively to Yashin Ocean House, are limited edition and more information can be provided by our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

The Finest Sushi with the Finest Sake: Ibi Pairing


Monday 23rd - Sunday 29th Jan
Perhaps our most exquisite offer yet: three pieces of the finest nigiri sushi - with caviar, toro, and hida wagyu - served with a flight of complementing sake for each ingredient. The pairing sake has been sourced exclusively from an extremely small brewery with limited production even in the Japan, and selected to enhance every taste and flavour of the sushi. This is surely going to be one of the most sensation dining experiences to date.